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Business Process Improvement

Review and improvement of your business processes have a direct impact on your bottom line. Software projects depend heavily upon business processes, and serve as an ideal opportunity to make improvements to current processes that result in reduced costs, better service, increased speed, higher quality and increased customer satisfaction.

Reasons to improve your business processes:

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Disaster Recovery Planning

Fire, disk drive failure, power outages, theft, vandalism... Let us help you take the necessary steps before disaster strikes.

Disaster Recovery planning services:

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Marketing Support Services

ASCS specializes in the following marketing support activities:

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Product Evaluations

When you are considering an expensive software purchase, a product evaluation is a great way to determine how well candidate solutions meet your specific needs. By ranking them according to various factors such as price, features, customizability, complexity and total-cost-of-ownership, you can make an informed decision and increase your chances of success.

Here are some types of solutions we can evaluate for your business:

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Technology Implementation

You can save money by buying commercial of-the-shelf software (COTS), but do you have the expertise to install, configure and maintain it? Will it meet the needs of your business?

We can assist you with implementation of a wide variety of new technologies:

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