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Web Browsers



Firefox is a free and open source web browser managed Mozilla Corporation. Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine. Firefox has a companion Email product named Thunderbird. Both of these products are absolutely free. Firefox has been at the forefront of improvements to the Web browsing experience, including tabbed browsing and improved security.

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a free web browser available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. Chrome uses the open source WebKit web browser layout engine. Chrome is rapidly gaining in popularity as has a reputation for being a very fast and reliable web browser that supports anonymous browsing and has excellent support for the latest web standards.

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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a free Web browser for Windows from Microsoft. Internet Explorer uses the Trident layout engine (aka, MSHTML). The latest version, IE8, contains significant improvements over IE7 and older versions.

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Apple Safari

Safari is a Web browser from Apple, and is free for Mac OS X and Windows. Safari uses the WebKit layout engine (based on the KHTML rendering engine).

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Opera is a web browser and Internet suite developed by the Opera Software company. Opera uses the Presto layout engine developed by Opera Software.

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Konqueror is a web browser and file manager for Linux (and UNIX and BSD OSes) and Windows. uses the KHTML layout engine developed by the KDE project. Konqueror serves as the file manager for the K Desktop Environment.

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